Rascal Does Not Dream (2024) streaming

Rascal Does Not Dream (2024) streaming

Rascal Does Not Dream (Double Feature)

Rascal Does Not Dream (2024) streaming VF

Rascal Does Not Dream is a Japanese film directed by Sôichi Masui. The story follows a high school boy named Sakuta Azusagawa who encounters various supernatural phenomena involving a phenomenon called "puberty syndrome," which causes strange occurrences in people's lives. Sakuta works to help those affected by this syndrome, including a girl named Mai Sakurajima who is experiencing a phenomenon where she is invisible to other people. As Sakuta tries to unravel the mysteries behind these supernatural occurrences, he also navigates the complexities of relationships and growing up. The film explores themes of adolescence, friendship, and love in a unique and compelling way.